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Endurance Test and Life-time Simulation

Endurance test and life-time simulation systems are one of our core competencies since INSYS test has been founded. 

Life-time simulation systems simulate the environment of the DUT exactly during the qualification of electronic assemblies and monitor its accurate function.

The concept of the TS one has been developed in particular for this. A modular test system operating in parallel that adapts to each new DUT and whose components always remain reusable.

The applications and functions of the TS one are as flexible as different in daily operation, but they have one thing in common: the acceleration of processes and cost savings.

The exact monitoring of the quiescent current consumption, an independent parallel operation of several DUTs, permanent diagnosis via the communication interfaces (CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, Ethernet …), the permanent monitoring of output signals via envelope. This is just a small selection of the features the TS one masters perfectly.

We gladly use our know-how to implement your own technical concepts since the understanding of endurance test and life-time simulation systems is more decisive than the technology.


  • Modular set-up
  • Highest reusability of components and modules
  • Intuitive operation, also possible via touch screen
  • Numerous tools for the evaluation of the results
  • Remote service around the world