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Laboratory test station

Customer-specific simulation of environmental impacts in a laboratory environment.

Laboratory test stations are specially designed for use in a laboratory environment to simulate and measure the effects of specific environmental factors on the DUT: from temperature and vibration tests to EMC.

For example, a thermal cycling on board (TCoB) laboratory test station measures the changes in the electrical resistance of a DUT that is exposed to extreme temperatures in the climate chamber.

Through the life-time simulation, the effects of stress under extreme conditions can be evaluated, analysed and optimized based on the data obtained.

The software offers a modern, clear and intuitive user interface. Due to its modular programming, it can be easily customized according to special customer requirements.


  • configurable test sequences without programming
  • customized simulations
  • testing the resistance of DUTs in a comparatively short time
  • modular system concept
  • any chosen number of DUTs that are tested at the same time
  • tracking of events individually according to customer requirements
  • implemented mechanisms to simplify repetitive activities on the system
  • display of measured values per experiment or per DUT in a separate chart