Quality Connects

Environmental harness

Extreme temperatures, aggressive liquids, heavy mechanical load or underwater use – our environmental harnesses only feel well under harshest conditions.

ECUs must pass numerous tests prior to start of production. Environmental tests or endurance tests during development are an essential part of these test series. Environmental influences during the life-time will be simulated here as realistic as possible.

These test scenarios mean maximum stress for the DUT and of course also for the connected cable. And since this procedure is intended to find faults at the DUTs and not the cable harnesses, this means for us 100% quality for the cable harness – or in other words: The cable harness must survive the DUT.


  • Optional underpressure and overpressure tested – 100 % watertight

  • Standard temperature resistance -40 °C to +150 °C, optionally up to +250 °C
  • Standard connection, short-circuit and pull-off test
  • Mechanically resistant design (e.g. for operation at the shaker)
  • Modification/revision of existing cable harnesses
  • Optional radiographic test (X-ray)