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The simple and reliable signal measurement with TS BOB enables quick analysis and evaluation.

Our stationary BREAKOUT BOXES, also known as disconnect adapters and intermediate adapters, connect test systems and control devices to make development and testing easier. We offer a unique solution for every customer requirement and carry out various measurements during operation without damaging the original cable.

Each signal can be tapped or interrupted individually. This can be used for voltage and current measurements or to trigger specific reactions from the test system through short circuits.

We plan and manufacture laboratory solutions in standard 19‘‘  technology with simple and complex plug connectors, special cables and integrated loads.


The simple and reliable signal taping with TS BOB enables quick analysis and evaluation.

The INSYS test breakout box is an indispensable aid when testing ECUs. It supports developers and system administrators in the analysis of signal sequences.

Used between the test system and the device under test, the breakout box enables easy access to the individual test signals. These can be tapped, disconnected, measured, and applied with external signals.

Each TS Breakout Box is manufactured according to your individual specifications.

DUT Adapter

Special DUT (device under test) fixture or adaptation for test purposes.

Our DUT adapter can show its true strengths in test setups for error simulation. It is also suitable for test environment. The test object is adapted with original plugs or spring contacts. Contact is made via cable harness on an HIL or on original components.

Example application:

The signals are measured and influenced on the base board. The DUT is flanged to the adapter, which is contacted with the base board. Signals are tapped directly from the DUT circuit board. The signal influencing is achieved by external wiring or by interrupting the signals on the base board.


  • Ideal for development and laboratory workplaces
  • Simple and flexible signal connection
  • Tailor-made to your requirements (size, labelling, connections, housing)
  • Additional loads can be connected (e.g. RL element)
  • Quick change of signal connections