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TS 800 - FlexRay

The FlexRay Interface TS 800 offers versatile application options in the field of FlexRay communication.

The FlexRay module TS800 offers a variety of application options:
Repeater & gateway (CAN <–> FlexRay), bus analysis tool or as independent “cold-start”-capable FlexRay node.

The TS 800 provides comprehensive configuration options. Different FlexRay transceiver clip-on modules allow an optimum adaptation to the respective requirements.

The FlexRay bus supports speeds up to 10 Mbps per channel. The CAN interface is CAN 2.0-compliant and supports speeds up to 1 Mbps.


  • Independent “cold-start”-capable node

  • FlexRay repeater

  • Gateway CAN <–> FlexRay

  • FlexRay data logger (optional)