Quality can be measured

Test setups during development process

Whether intermediate adapter, load box, adaption board, small table setup with quiescent current measurement or complete test setup with output signal monitoring – we back you up and you’ll have more resources for taking care of the essential.

From the idea up to the ready product there are many challenges that the development teams will have to face daily. Accelerate and simplify these processes with systems and tools of INSYS test. We relieve your teams during operative processes and provide you with advisory support.

Many situations are possible: You already have an HIL tester, but it must be adapted for a new DUT. You need a small test setup, but don’t want to purchase an own tester for this. In all these scenarios, smart used tools can help to save resources and money.


  • All modules of the TS one can be integrated

  • Automated and partially automated test setups

  • Connection to numerous software tools and development platforms

  • Integration of existing measurement technology

  • Individual tailoring to own requirements

  • Development of “customized” software and hardware