Quality Connects

Functional harness

We deliver tailor-made connections: from the simple cable extension up to the complex wiring of switch systems.

When two or more lines are combined to a functional unit, it is called a functional harness. The nature of the cable ends is manifold here: whether loose ends, crimp contacts or special DUT connectors. Besides high-quality raw material, the quality of manufacturing is the most important criterion for all versions.

Since only a cable harness in an absolutely diligent way keeps in later use what INSYS test has promised from the very beginning: 100% reliability. Only if the quality is absolutely right even for the smallest units, the complete system can convince on a permanent basis.


  • Planning and production according to dimensional drawing and wiring diagram

  • Manufacture of combined cable harnesses with different wire sizes, isolations and screens

  • Standard connection, short-circuit and pull-off test

  • Modification/revision of existing cable harnesses

  • Taking over of complex, time-consuming manufacture works