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Concept TS one

TS one is the individual single test station and flexible endurance test and life-time simulation system for automotive control units.

The modular and freely scalable concept of the TS one can be adjusted individually and easily to each control unit, like air bag, engine or gearbox control units.

Already used components can be reused without any problems in case of a reconfiguration.

The use of the TS one saves time and money: The parallel test sequences allow the systems either significantly faster test sequences or the simultaneous test of several DUTs in significantly shorter time..

The TS one is not so much a system as a concept that is based on maximum modularity. The natures of a product with TS one modules are manifold, they reach from small battery-operated manual housing to a table housing or stand-alone solution TS Smart up to a complete life-time simulation system with several control and load cabinets. Just as for the legendary model from Denmark, our components can also be combined quick and easy.


  • Configurable test sequences without programming

  • Modular, consistent hardware and software

  • Used components can be re-used

  • Any number of test stations without losing capacity

  • Test stations operate 100% parallel and independent of each other

  • Galvanic isolation

  • Calibration-capable measuring system

  • Communication via Ethernet (optional WLAN (Wi-Fi), GPRS)